‘Seumpama di Haramain’, The Prayer Mat wants to bring the experience of the Holy Land through prayer rug

Seumpama di Haramain

Wanting to bring the experience of performing ibadah in the Holy Land through the collection of prayer mats sold, coinciding with the mission of ‘like in Haramain’, The Prayer Mat Sdn Bhd (TPM) offers more than 300 collections of quality prayer mats to complete daily worship.

According to TPM’s manager, Siti Fatimah Mohd. Nasaruddin, the average customer is quite excited to have this prayer rug from Saudi Arabia and clearly, the Medina collection is the most popular.

“For those who have performed umrah and hajj in the Holy Land, they said the prayer mat reminds them of their memories while worshiping there which coincides with the motto of the TPM which is ‘Seumpama di Haramain’,” she said.

Customers at The Prayer Mat outlet Aman Central

Although it is only a year since operations started, TPM continues to be one of the most popular distributors of Madinah prayer mats in Malaysia.

“We are targeting sales of more than RM6 million this year, compared to more than RM4 million last year and have plans to open five more TPM boutiques, including in Kuala Lumpur and the East Coast.

“TPM is also trying to innovate prayer rugs and to get ‘knowledge transfer’ by sending designers to factories in Saudi Arabia as to learn on designing prayer rugs in-house.

MADA Carpets Company
MADA Factory

TPM’s Designers ‘knowledge transfer’ visit at MADA Carpets Company, Saudi Arabia

The design of the prayer rug is not the same as the designs of scarfs and not all type of colors can be displayed on the prayer rug.

Insya Allah, after this we will present the design of mosques in Malaysia in the design of the TPM’s prayer rugs as an effort to introduce Malaysia to the eyes of the world,” she commented.

TPM offers more than 350 prayer designs brought directly from Saudi Arabia from the collections of Medina, Mecca, Aqsa, Callighraphy, Zam Zam, Elegance, Persian, and Sylvian which are sold at prices ranging from RM45 to RM209.

By: Wanita

From: Utusan Malaysia.


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