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Qaseh Gift Set White

Qaseh Gift Set White

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The Qaseh Ramadhan Gift Box embodies love and spiritual connection, ideal for fostering relationships during the Holy month of Ramadhan. It's more than just a gift; it's a comprehensive package designed to enhance the Ramadhan experience with items that add meaning and depth to the observance of this sacred time. 

Product Description

Travel Satin Sejadah:
- The size of 70cm by 110cm makes it suitable for use while travelling.
- The fabric's satin texture offers both comfort and luxury.
- Colour: White

Sejadah Bag:
- Designed for ease in carry and folding the sejadah.

Exclusive E-flute Box:
- This special packaging reflects the thought and care designed in each curated item.

Thank You Card:
- A card to express heartfelt gratitude and to share the joy of the season.

Designer Money Pocket:
- A stylish envelope for gifting money & Eid. 

Rose Tobacco 2ml:

The first chords of this concert will resound her Highness - the rose, with its perfect fragrant track, the touches of which are carried by the entire Rose Tobacco composition.

Ajwa Aliah Dates (100 grams):
- A delightful and meaningful addition to share the Sunnah of enjoying dates during Ramadhan.

Every part of the Qaseh Ramadhan Gift Box is purposefully picked to strengthen communal bonds and honor the traditions of the Prophet (s.a.w). It's not just a present; it's an experience to be shared during Ramadhan, reiterating the values of love ('Qaseh') and devotion.
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